Mr. Bai Jingtao was Appointed as General Manager of CMHI, while Mr. Hu Jianhua remains as Executive Director

The Board of Directors (the ¡°Board¡±) of China Merchants Holdings (International) Company Limited (the ¡°Company¡±) announces that Mr. Hu Jianhua has retired from his office as Managing Director and Mr. Bai Jingtao has been appointed as General Manager of the Company, who will be responsible for the general management and day to day operations of the Company, with effect from 16 April 2015.

As Mr. Hu Jianhua was appointed as Executive Vice President of China Merchants Group Limited, the ultimate holding company of the Company, and need to devote additional time in his new role, he will retire from his office as Managing Director of the Company.

Mr. Li Jianhong, Chairman of the Board, said, ¡°Mr. Hu has performed his duty as Managing Director diligently and conscientiously during his term of office and has made substantial contributions to the management and business development of the Company, as reflected, in particular, in the noticeable advancement in Company's overseas business development, thereby enabling it to progress from a China leading port developer, investor and operator into a world-class comprehensive port service provider. The Board would like to take this opportunity to express its gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Hu for his valuable contributions to the Company during his tenure of service.

Mr. Li Jianhong indicated, ¡°Mr. Bai Jingtao was appointed after going through a rigorous screening process, having stood out from the Company¡¯s global recruitment. He is familiar with CMHI¡¯s management and business operations with exposure gained from his prior engagement as the Deputy General Manager of the Company, and from his current position as the General Manager of China Merchants Zhangzhou Development Zone. Together with his strategic, planning, operational and managerial experience accumulated when holding senior management positions at sizeable port groups, the Board believe that he will lead the Company to continue delivering remarkable results.¡±

Biography of Mr. Bai Jingtao:

Aged 50, Professor Level Senior Engineer, graduated from Tianjin University in Department of Hydraulics with a Bachelor¡¯s degree in Port and Channel Engineering in 1986, then studied at Graduate School of Wuhan University of Technology and Graduate School of Shanghai Maritime University and obtained a Master¡¯s degree in Management Sciences and Engineering and a Doctorate in Transport and Communications Planning and Management, respectively.

Mr. Bai Jingtao has extensive experience in port management, engineering construction, planning and management of water transport. He successively served as an Assistant Engineer in Planning and Design Institute of the Ministry of Communications of the PRC, an Officer in Department of Engineering Management and Department of Infrastructure Management of the Ministry of Communications, Deputy Director and Director in Department of Infrastructure Management and Department of Water Transport of the Ministry of Communications, Deputy General Manager of China Merchants Zhangzhou Development Zone, Director of Zhangzhou Port Service Authority, Deputy Director of Xiamen Port Authority, Deputy General Director of Construction headquarters of Haicang Free Trade Port Area, Deputy General Manager of the Company, Deputy Director of Zhangzhou China Merchants Economic and Technological Development Zone and General Manager of China Merchants Zhangzhou Development Zone.

Hu Jianhua
China Merchants Group Vice President , China Merchants Holdings International Ltd. Executive Director

Bai Jingtao
China Merchants Holdings International Ltd. General Manager


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